Pig is the debut self produced single of Xylo Aria. Pig presents captivating and minimalist production drawing focus to her resonating vocals. The track itself delivers a powerful message presented subtly and tastefully. Pig is written from the perspective of a pig describing its story and emotions as it stands on the production line of an industrial meat farm.

Whether the message resonates with or against you, the track undoubtedly provides food for thought whilst still remaining palatable and pleasurable to the ears.

Pig encapsulates Aria’s signature minimalist and experimental production style.  The heartbeat of the kick drum provides a bed for the smooth and entrancing synths. Aria’s harshly treated vocals cut through this foundation to provide a stunning contrast, this coupled with Andei Eremin’s award winning mastering makes for an alluring and polished track.

Pig is the first installment of Aria’s year long project highlighting pressing social and environmental issues with the aim of holding a mirror to society and aiding to enact social change.
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Xylo Aria's first release of 2016, Paradigm (premiered by Tonedeaf ) intriguingly combines modern experimental elements with Indian Carnatic inspired melodies to create a truly unique listening experience. Mastered by Grammy nominated engineer Andrei Eremin, who has worked with the likes of Chet Faker and Hiatus Kaiyote, Paradigm truly encapsulates the essense of this emerging artist.

Xylo Aria has teamed up with Melbourne based director Adam Trad and Cannes Film Festival Prize winning Kas Kalami to create a dark and at times, visually deceiving video which perfectly complements the lyrical themes of the track.
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Arrow - EP

Arrow is Xylo Aria's first official release. The compelling EP features a variety of downtempo, ambient and melodic sounds, from the powerful and striking drum beat of the first single, Colours to the minimalist yet alluring piece that is The Hurt.

The EP is now available on all platforms with a limited edition CD being available for purchase. 
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(Colours (Prod. by Elliott Treves
Colours is the first single from Xylo Aria's EP, Arrow. It features a powerful and striking drum beat which compliments the heartfelt, melodic vocals.