"A haunting slice of downtempo electronica dealing with some heady issues" - Pilerats

Xylo Aria is a plastic bag hating, keep cup loving, menstrual cup wearing singer/producer.

In her opinion there is no better medium than music through which to discuss the issues which in some way impact all of us.

Her recent move into self production and temporary musical stint in the UK has allowed her to bring these goals to the forefront of her music creation.

The first single as part of this project, Pig, discusses the impacts of industrial meat farming through the eyes of a pig, an animal of significant intelligence. The follow up to this will be a self produced EP to be released in early 2019, discussing topics of varying weights.

She is also currently working on collaborations with artists in the UK and closer to home which are to be released periodically through the first few months of 2019.

Her captivating live performances can be tracked around venues of London in 2019.
A Heartfelt Thank You
Adam Trad - Paradigm Video Director
Alex Jones - Colours Director of Photography
Alexander Turner - EP Cover and Website Photographer
Alicia Wendy - Xylo Logo Designer
Brittany Flask - Choreographer
Carly Lennon - Paradigm Video Make UP artist
Daniela Ercoli - Paradigm Video Producer
Daniel Ralston - Artist Support
Dheeraj Reddy - Colours Lighting and Colourist
Elliott Treves - Music Producer
Eamonn Hollamby  - Session Guitarist
Fabian Gimenez - Colours Producer

John Nazooliam - Photographer
Kate Sheffield - EP Cover Designer
Kim Weiss - Colours 1st Assistant Director
Leonie Leonida - Stylist
Manuel Cancino - Photographer
Michael Harding - Data Wrangler
Michelle Trifiletti - Artist Support
MIranda Stokkel - Website Photographer
Miranda Dickinson - Costume Designer
Rahim Irham - Colours video director
Sabrina Bir - Artist Support
Skye Drake - Hair & Make Up Artist